DJ Dee Kimble     DJ/Songwriter/Producer

 When DJ Dee Kimble is not behind the DJ booth entertaining guest, you’ll find him in the studio mixing, song writing, producing, performing, and recording music. Dee Kimble was featured on two singles under the record label Stand Alone Music (founded in 2004).

Style: Spiritual Rap with a positive element, neo soul, conscious, deep, old-school sound, dab of R&B.

Heart of a King by Furyus (featuring Chess, DJ Dee Kimble, Kamara O Fa) check out article press:

Pull Through by Furyus (featuring DJ Dee Kimble) check out article press:  

Check out article press:

Feature Motor City Mag

and music video :

Getting quite the buzz featured on entertainment blogs and music magazines DJ Dee Kimble release two solo projects under his own name brand “DJ Dee Kimble”.

I Couldn’t:  By DJ Dee Kimble see music blog :  

Check out promo video: .

Insomnia  by DJ Dee Kimble (featuring Furyus and Kamara O Fa) 

Feature on Tone Flame 

Feature on end credits on V3TV in the United Kingdom

Featured on article Legacy Afro Punk

Featured with Proper Propaganda EPS 151

Watch music video at:

DJ Dee Kimble was featured in music blogs, articles, independent radio stations, and interviews. He is working on his forthcoming album called The Meaning of Life which single is set to be release before the end of 2018 also was feature. See press links below.

Let’s Just Talk with Kathyrnn Raaker Christian Talk 1160 AM WCVX 4-21-2018

Music promotions UK interview:

Conversations LIVE with Cyrus Jones (interview)

Twist on line (interview)

Let’s Talk with Alecia Hill (interview)

Legacy Afro Punk (blog)


Sept/2017 Colby's Path to the Cure Walk Stanley Park Westfield MA (Perform Song Insomnia)

Other performances will be set in 2019 so stay tuned.







The Meaning of Life song By DJ Dee Kimble blog written by Stereo Stickman 

This collaborative release from DJ Dee Kimble, Jay Parker and EJay Rook is a beauty. The classic vibes stand tall but there’s also a fresh air of modern minimalism, one that brings a crisp and clean finish and a feeling that this is all very poignant and relevant at this very moment.

The Meaning Of Life is as thoughtful and reflective as the title implies. The ambiance has a classic pop-meets-RnB vibe about it, the leading vocals each add a level of smooth soul – a sincerity that can’t be faked. The second verse in particular offers a Tupac-like sense of passion that really captures your affection as it pours through.

By the time the second hook hits, the melody and the central question have drawn you right into the centre of the experience. Those looping chords in the backdrop – hopeful but descending, ongoing – accompany the thought process initiated by the lyrics. You can either escape into this music and think deeply on life and your role within it, or you can simply turn the track up loud and embrace the good vibes and the positive shared energy.

What works about this song is how humble it is in terms of the elements and building blocks that have crafted it. The simplicity gives it a feeling of purity, which suits the concept and the naturally confident but subtle performances in a beautiful way. At the same time, despite the song’s depth and the literal questions posed throughout, the writing and the recording together have brought forth an undeniably catchy hook. The melody matches the chord progression in the way that it falls, rises a little, then falls further. The question and the title go hand-in-hand, so you’re unlikely to forget the single – on the contrary, it’s easy to recognise this even after hearing it just once. It’s a pleasure to know this kind of heartfelt, authentic approach to music is still being utilized.

Fairfax Radio 03/13/2018 Let's talk with Kathrynn Raaker

Dee Kimble began as a MC/Stand-up comedian and actor performing at comedy clubs, colleges, community theaters, and radio The DJ That Does it All Today DJ Dee Kimble. DJ Dee Kimble was one of the artist signed to the Stand Alone Music Label. In 2017 Stand Alone Music released 3 singles; “Insomnia” and “I Couldn’t” (singles featured on DJ Dee Kimbles forthcoming album “The Meaning Of Life”) and “Heart Of A King” Furyus featuring DJ Dee Kimble, Kamara O Fa and Chess.   source:

Music Promotions News UK Music Promotions is proud to publish this interview with Dj Dee Kimble Who chats with us about his djing career, future DJ’s plans, Calvin Harris, bookings and much more full interview below.

ow long have you been Djing

I How long have you been Djing

I been djing for 20 plus years 22 to be exact.

How did you get into Djing?
It’s a strange story but I started out dabbing into acting and stand-up comedy. I was getting a little buzz from the Stand Comedy but wasn’t really making the income to live on. One of my Stand-up comedy friends was a DJ and introduced me into the world of DJS lol.  Since I love music and enjoy all genres and gave it go. My first party was at someones back yard they were playing volleyball. And I provided inspirational motivating music for the game. They gave me 200 dollars and free food lol. I was happy  because the thought process is i get to do what I love and make money.  Afterwards I continue to grow my knowledge base bought my own equipment. I market myself well. And we we are today. I’m blessed that i am booked every single weekend.

How can you be contacted for Djing requests?
  I am very casual I like to think of myself of being for the people. people can contact me by phone 413-364-8106 I have 3 websites and DJ Dee Kimble the DJ on facebook.
Have you any plans to go the Calvin Harris route as a DJ?
In a perfect world yes but not only Calvin Harris because that is only one genre of music. I to covered it all Country,Dance,Rap,K-pop-Techno, ect. I would like to work with many artist and produce great remixes to songs and great sounds.
What’s has been your best Djing gig so far?
  I enjoy the kids parties for the reason as that they are young and do not care what anything body thinks they just want to dance and have fun. The saying goes dance like nobody is watching and young kids is not to cool for school if you know what I mean. That age group between 3-8 is the best group. These gigs is what I enjoy most.
Your also a singer songwriter and producer what advice would you give aspiring singers?
  Is keep pursuing your dreams perfect your craft. Most importantly market yourself. Good music needs to be be heard but you to push your music out there. With that being said. In the world we are living in today I think music needs needs to have a reason a why behind it. I don’t mean to criticize but being a DJ I hear a lot of songs where the artist is saying a lot of nothing.  Have a niche, have a why, we want to hear your story don’t Follow trends and you will have some staying power.
Where can your merchandise be purchased?  also you can email me at
Anything further you’d like to add?
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.    Source:

Twist Online interview with DJ Dee Kimble


Today on our Hot Seat we have singer and songwriter DJ Dee Kimble with us. Lets have a chat with him.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
DJ Dee Kimble : Well first I was a Standup Comedian in my early years of manhood lol and I shy away from that and got into the music business Djing about 20 years ago in the 90’s. As years passed by I grown my clientele as a DJ. I always love music I was raping, singing, dancing, producing beats and remixing songs whenever I can. Its not until recently I started to take making music and writing songs seriously when my buddy of 10 years (Furyus) start showing me the ropes of the music industry.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
DJ Dee Kimble : What inspired me to do music is the lack of positive music. Music is our escape from reality. It puts us in certain moods. I think Hip-Hop gets a bad name because people states it lacks inspiration and that spiritual element. I just wanted to create music with meaning and content to inspire others to keep going and follow their purpose and God for their life.

Twist Online : You have recently released two single ‘Heart of a King and Insomnia’ of your up coming album released. Tell us more about that ?
DJ Dee Kimble : Yes these two singles will be part of a five song EP with a group I am in called Tr8ce which features me DJ Dee Kimble, Furyus, and Kamara O FA. The album will be call Season of Change.
Insomnia is about not being able to sleep and tossing and turning because of stress and thinking about changes in this world and about God. The Heart of a King is a song about having a heart of power, wisdom and strength like a King to keep going in this world. Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?

DJ Dee Kimble : We have been getting great response on social media and from a variety of all genres of music lovers. We have been invited to perform at community centers, schools and charity groups because our music is so positive and we are still promoting.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios? 
DJ Dee Kimble : Lol I can’t answer for the whole group but personally I love performing on stage that is my strength. I have acted on stage I’ve performed standup I love being in front of audience and creating energy.

Twist Online : Tell us about your working experience with Stand Alone Music?
DJ Dee Kimble : Well this was my partners Ideal (Furyus) he initially started the company in 2001 but he put it on the back burner because he was with another record label called NVE records. Not until recently me and him join forces to reboot Stand Alone Music and make it a successful independent label.He is President I’m Vice President lol.

Twist Online : Have you set some target to achieve as a music artist? 
DJ Dee Kimble : Oh absolutely as an artist I want to be able to inspire others with my sound and beliefs and motivate people to be the best they can be. I want my music to be relate-able and be a motivator also Stand Alone Music is not only about the music we are willing to help others we offer talent management, promotions, visuals, producing, and marketing. Music is just the beginning. But we want to be able to prove to others that are able to push and develop our music to success, we can do the same with yours.

Twist Online : You are working on 2 new albums when is the expected release date?
DJ Dee Kimble : Tr8ce Seasons of change should be release the beginning of the spring in 2018 could be earlier you never know lol.
My solo album called The Meaning of Life should be released soon.  source:

BIBLE SONGS BLOG Indie Christian music is thriving! BY MUSICOPTIMIST

Take a dash of Toby Mac, add a little Will Smith to the mix and then modernize everything for the 21st Century and you’ll be in the general music territory DJ Dee Kimble deftly explores in his new song “I Couldn’t“.

Like most good rap, the spoken words flow freely, quickly and rhythmically with cleverly placed timing to keep things interesting.  The musical hook is catchy and the instrumentation is well produced.

Lyrically, Kimble speaks of challenges that will strike a chord with many new followers of Christ.  Especially during the first few years after we give our life to Jesus, and to some extent from time to time throughout the rest of our days on earth, there will be moments of nagging temptation to fall back into old habits, as though the voice of our former self is somehow calling us back to destructive behaviors.  “Society makes it hard to have good values, morals and integrity”, he says.  Properly taking a stand and metaphorically “talking back” to those voices of  temptation is what this song is all about.

1 Peter 1:14 instructs us: “Do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.” Kimble puts it like this. “Now that God is in my life… I cannot go back to my old ways… I couldn’t I couldn’t I couldn’t.”

DJ Dee Kimble also has a preview video of “I Couldn’t” available at YouTube.  Check it out!  

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